Keeping The Memory of a Loved One Alive for Your Children

Having someone dear to you or your family go missing for a long time can be stressful and worrisome—particularly for your children. This does not have to be another thing to stress you, as there are some ways to make your children still remember that missing person—and that is through disposing nursery decor and putting the right kids room decor ideas together.

Having a missing loved one

Despite the availability and great advantage brought by social media and other technological advantages, the guarantee of finding him or her in a short span of time is still elusive. Instances like this increase the anxiety of those people concerned. Adding up to their anxiety is the fact that the children might forget these missing people in the course of time. This anxiety for the child’s memory can be alleviated through kids room decor ideas.

How do children deal with it?

Most of the time, the anxiety of a parent towards a child (forgetting about a missing loved one) strikes in by the time the child reaches seven years of age. By this time, children might already develop consciousness of the situation—that someone in their family had gone missing. Depending on how close the child was to the missing family member and how she was raised to think, some may react to this through sulking and crying in a corner of a room while there are some who might respond to the situation with optimism.

Helping them with their bedrooms

Your child’s bedroom can be used as a tool to help them cope up with the situation in a less stressful way possible. This can be done through decorating the room. One of the most dominant parts of the room where you can exercise creativity are the walls. You can paint them up (do it with your child, if you please) with bright colors that give happy and positive vibes to make them a bit brightened up despite the situation. At his or her side desk or lamp table, you can put a photo frame of the missing family member (or the one with the child) to comfort him or her.